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0.4 beta


  • Fixed bug, which caused not setting "Posted" status to singlepart files;
  • Counters are now always showing proper values, whenever program is posting or not;
  • All header fields are now sent with proper codepage (subjects, filenames, etc.);;
  • Minor bugfixes;

New features:

  • Estimated time remaining - new counter;
  • Added toolbar with most usually used functions;
  • Automatic repair of damaged settings file;
  • Automatic rebuild of damaged queue file;
  • Ability to pause and resume posting;
  • Ability to start posting automatically after startup of application;
  • Ability to change number of lines in every part (Staruszek & Tomek Kopczuk);

0.3 public alpha


  • Fixed queue, that, if modified while posting, was acting completely randomly;
  • After sending of file, other items status was changed - fixed;
  • Many minor fixes;

New features:

  • Linux BinPost version !!!
  • Ability to change timeout value;
  • In settings window - added list of standard servers;
  • Slightly enhanced codes readability;
  • Program settings are saved in XML;
  • To screen log, added infos about:
    1) after posting of a part <time and average speed of sending data>
    2) after posting of file <time and average speed of posting whole file, with waiting for servers response>;
  • Log cleared from unused infos;
  • Now, in one part, is 5000 lines;
  • Now crossposting works;

0.2 public alpha


  • Fixed "Parts to send dialog" changing properties for unproper item;
  • Fixed queue handling routines - now properly saving/loading queue and adding/removing items;
  • Fixed sending bad date to server;
  • Minor bugfixes;

New features:

  • Upload limiting - step every 1kB/s;
  • Now you can change items positions in "Select files dialog" - to optimize;
  • Multilanguage - English and Polish;

0.1 private alpha

  • First release of BinPost