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08 VI 2003 - First beta release!

BinPost have just entered beta stage with release of version 0.4! It is enough functional and stable, to call it beta. Get new version from here.

WARNING - Queue.xml is incompatible and will be cleared (you will lose your queue) !

27 V 2003 - 0.3 alpha release of BinPost.

I have just released 0.3 version, also for Linux. It has got many bugfixes and a lot of new features. Grab it from Download section.

WARNING - Queue.xml and Settings.xml files from version 0.2 are incompatible with 0.3!

20 V 2003 - First public release of BinPost.

In Download section you can get 0.2 alpha version for Windows platform, with full source code and libraries needed to compile.

19 V 2003 - Start of the webpage and public BinPost project.

Tommorow I'll release version 0.2 alpha - multilanguage (Polish/English), with upload limiting and major bugfixes. Only for windows yet (until version 0.3), later for Unix, Linux, AIX, Solaris, *BSD & MacOS :)

Also in this week I'll prepare some documentation and tutorials on how to use BinPost.